Our Purpose

Our Purpose: To help individuals gain independence from addictive behaviour and lead meaningful satisfying lives. To support the availability of choices in recovery and offer solutions to addiction problems.
Our Mission: To offer no-fee scientific evidence based peer support groups for abstaining from any substance or activity addiction. Face to face and global online meetings are available.
Learn from our 4 Point Program.
Point 1. How to Maintain Motivation
Point 2. How to Cope with Urges and Cravings
Point 3. Manage your thoughts feeling and behaviour.
Point 4. Live a healthy balanced lifestyle.
Our Approach
We encourage kindness and compassion. It is proven that a positive reinforcement approach is very effective for those who wish to change addictive behaviour. Self reliance leads to the ultimate goal of self empowerment and self governance.
We support the scientifically informed use of psychological treatment and legally prescribed psychiatric and addiction medication.
We support Mindfulness based meditation and relaxation techniques.
Our program is not based on religion or spirituality. We believe that participants spiritual convictions and religious beliefs are a personal matter. Spirituality may be helpful for some, but they are not a requirement of our program.
SMART Recovery®  tools and techniques a few examples
Five Stages of Change
Change Plan Worksheet
Cost Benefit Analysis Worksheet
Hierarchy of Values
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