Family & Friends Support

Do you have a loved one with an addiction problem?

We have solutions.

SMART Recovery provides a safe non-judgemental meeting to help families learn more about addiction, develop positive communication and effective coping strategies helpful for the whole family.

We meet twice a month.

Family & Friends Program Video
JOIN Wednesday, July 28th, Family & Friends at 7:00 pm with David & Cynthia

Helpful Resources:

Parents Action on Drugs Pack 
Put On Your Oxygen Mask
Addiction, The Next Step
The 20 Minute Guide
Families For Addiction Recovery
Moms Stop The Harm
Meeting dates in 2021:
July 14th and 28th
August 11th and 25th
September 8th and 22nd
October 6th and 20th
November 10th and 24th
December 8th and 22nd
We offer free global online meetings for Family & Friends Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Click here to join global online meetings:

Get Your Loved One Sober

Our program is based on Community Reinforcement And Family Training developed by Dr. Bob Meyers
Two great helpful books we suggest:
Get Your Loved One Sober: Alternatives to Nagging, Pleading, and Threatening 

Beyond Addiction, How Science and Kindness Help People Change

 “Beyond Addiction, How Science and Kindness Help People Change.”
Authors – Jeffery Foote Ph.D, Carrie Wilkins Ph.D, Nicole Kosanke Ph.D., Stephanie Higgs Ph.D.