Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness is awareness, cultivated by paying attention in the present moment, without judgment.
It is a skill we can develop through a variety of practices. It helps us come to terms with our thoughts, feelings, and actions.
Our SMART Recovery participants and trained facilitators encourage you to explore mindfulness practices that work for you!
Below are some helpful resources:
Corey Muscara – Shift your “What If’s to What Is”
Professor Sat Bir Khalsa –  How Yoga Changes The Brain
Dr. Kristen Neff – Self Compassion 101
Dr. Russell Harris – Myths of Mindfulness
Dr. Russell Harris – The Struggle Switch
Dr. Russell Harris – The Values-Focused vs The Goals-Focused Life
Light Watkins – Debunking the 5 Myths of Meditation
Pema Chodron – Non-Meditation
Thich Nhat Hanh – Staying In The Present Moment
Guided Meditations:
Corey Muscara –  TAKE 5
Dr. Dzung Vo –  Bodyscan – 3 minutes
Dr. Dzung Vo – Bodyscan – 12 minutes
Dr. Dzung Vo – SOBER Coping Space – 3 minutes
Dr. Dzung Vo – SOBER Breathing Space – 3 minutes
Dr. Dzung Vo – Mindful Movement – 10 minutes
Dr. Dzung Vo – Bodyscan – 27 minutes
Dr. Kristin Neff  – Noting Your Emotions – 18 minutes
Dr. Kristin Neff – Self Compassion Break – 5 minutes
Dr. Kristin Neff – Soften, Soothe, Allow: working with emotions in the body – 15 minutes
Dr. Kristin Neff – Self Compassion Exercises and More Guided Meditations
Relaxation Music:
10 hours – Marconi Union Weightless
Mindfulness and Meditation support organizations:
CAMH Mindfulness Resources
Centre for Mindfulness Studies
Mindfulness Without Borders
Pema Chodron Foundation
Self Compassion Organization
Mindfulness pocketbooks:
Letting Everything Become Your Teacher
The Pocket Pema Chodron
Just One Thing
The Role of Meditation in Mental Health