Welcome to SMART Recovery Toronto

Connecting to support is critical in addiction recovery!
Check out our Tips and Tools video page above right to learn more.
 If you are joining Zoom using a phone click this link below for instructions
Joining a meeting by phone
and further down the page for our phone numbers and meeting ID numbers. 
Using a computer click on a live meeting link below to download the Zoom software and join us!
ATTENTION: meeting Sunday night has a time change from 7pm to 6pm
 Join Sunday Addiction Support meeting at 6:00pm with Steven
Join Monday Addiction Support meeting at 7:00pm with Richard 
Join Tuesday Addiction Support meeting at 1:30pm with Alex and Rishem
Join Tuesday Addiction Support meeting at 8:30pm with Clarence 
Join Wednesday Addiction Support meeting at 3:30pm with Amanda 
Join Wednesday November 25th Family & Friends  Support meeting at 7pm with David and Cynthia 
 Join Thursday Addiction Support meeting at 3:00pm with Dale and Aditi
Join Thursday Addiction Support at 7pm meeting with Cynthia
 Join Friday Addiction Support at 7pm meeting with Tanya
 Join Saturday Addiction Support at 7pm meeting with Laura
Phone 1-647-374-4685 or 1-647-558-0588
Meeting ID numbers are as follows:
Monday 7pm Meeting ID# 399 054 289
Tuesday 1:30pm ID# 984 9327 6980
Tuesday 8:30pm Meeting ID# 440 173 3548
 Wednesday 3:30pm ID# 926 742 74583  
Wednesday Family & Friends 7pm Meeting ID# 833 544 935
Thursday 3:00pm ID# 945 553 34526
Thursday 7pm Meeting ID# 963 2334 6240 
Friday 7pm Meeting ID# 922 8222 5211
Saturday 7pm Meeting ID# 9433 440 5765
Sunday 7pm Meeting ID# 814 5264 3060
Due to the Covid-19 building closures ALL open public meetings
have been put on temporary HIATUS until further notice.