Welcome to SMART Recovery Toronto

ATTENTION: The Mindfulness and Meditation program REGISTRATION IS CLOSED!
Saturday meeting is at 4 pm and Sunday meeting is at 3 pm.
Those who are registered will receive an email with a Zoom invitation.
Scroll down the page to learn how to connect to our meetings using your phone.
To join our meetings on a computer click on the live links below to download Zoom software.
 Join Sunday Addiction Support meeting at 6:00 pm with Steven
Join Monday Addiction Support meeting at 7:00 pm with Richard 
Join Tuesday Addiction Support meeting at 1:30 pm with Alex and Rishem
Join Tuesday Addiction Support meeting at 8:30 pm with Clarence 
Join Wednesday Addiction Support meeting at 3:30 pm with Amanda 
Join Wednesday January 20th Family & Friends  Support meeting at 7 pm with David and Cynthia 
 Join Thursday Addiction Support meeting at 3:00 pm with Dale and Aditi
Join Thursday Addiction Support at 7 pm meeting with Cynthia   
Join Friday Addiction Support Meeting at 7 pm with Tanya  
A technical glitch tonight: if you get the UH OH page go up and click on “join a meeting”
put in Laura’s ID#9433 440 5765
 Join Saturday Addiction Support at 7 pm meeting with Laura
If you are joining Zoom using a phone click this link below for instructions.
Joining a meeting by phone
and further down the page for our phone numbers and meeting ID numbers. 
Join a meeting by phone call 1-647-374-4685 or 1-647-558-0588
Meeting ID numbers are as follows:
Monday 7 pm Meeting ID# 399 054 289
Tuesday 1:30 pm ID# 984 9327 6980
Tuesday 8:30 pm Meeting ID# 127 952 292
 Wednesday 3:30 pm ID# 926 742 74583  
Wednesday Family & Friends 7 pm Meeting ID# 833 544 935
Thursday 3:00 pm ID# 945 553 34526
Thursday 7 pm Meeting ID# 963 2334 6240 
Friday 7 pm Meeting ID# 922 8222 5211
Saturday 7 pm Meeting ID# 9433 440 5765
Sunday 7 pm Meeting ID# 814 5264 3060
NOTICE: All open public meetings have been canceled in line with Covid-19 restrictions.